Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bacon and Bakin'

I love bacon...we had breakfast for dinner last night, and I must say, organic, wholesome preachings aside, Smithfield bacon is the best bacon in the world.

I've had Amish bacon, Trader Joe's organic bacon, turkey bacon (or "facon" as I had taken to calling it), every bloody kind of fried up fatty pork strip that exists under the sun.

I declare that Smithfield bacon is the superior product.

And it was just on sale, so double win.


In other news, I am attempting to bake bagels today, as I am out of bagels and too lazy to go to the store.

I'm confident that my bagels will turn out at least as good as anything I can buy at Wegmans. I'm basing this belief on the fact I've been making a lot of bread recently and it has all turned out rather lovely.

I mean, how hard could making a bagel be?

What? I have to add a hole to roll?

I can add a hole no problem! In fact, just the other day, I added a hole to my wall accidentally! And if I can add a hole to a WALL on ACCIDENT, imagine what I can do to bread dough when I'm TRYING.

This will be awesome.

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