Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bagels-Crazy Rings of Madness

Man, those bagels took FOREVER right?

...and guess what?

My bagels were not as good as anything I've bought from Wegmans.

I don't think my bagels were as good as anything Wegmans throws AWAY.

Ends up, bagels are harder to make than just punching a hole in some dough. There was boiling, 15 minutes of hand kneading, and all other kinds of nonsense involved. It took forever...and what did I end up with?

10 or so tiny, misshapen bagels that tasted kinda gluey and smelled like cheese. Now granted, I did ADD cheese to the dough, so the cheesy smell, while a bit off putting, wasn't completely unexpected.


Now ask me if I learned my lesson and STOPPED making bagels.

No, no I did not learn my lesson and tried to make another batch on Friday, the results?

11(!) small, misshapen bagels that taste MUCH less like glue and don't smell like the rind of a wheel of Parmesan...'cause I added more water and no cheese this time. I also found out that if I bake things on the bottom shelf of my oven they come out much more delicious than if I bake them on the top.

Crazy super skinny mystery oven.

So what else is happening in the Myers household?

A sad thing, K.O.'s grandmother, Isabell, died. While it was a quiet and peaceful passing, it was still unexpected and we are making arrangements to head up to Wyoming, Pa to attend her funeral. Isabell was a lovely woman who gave me cookies from the tin she kept in her room and told me I always smell good. She never met our daughter and that is a disappointing and regretful situation. Currently, we are trying to decide the best way to travel such a long way with Emery. We are anti-drugging, but pro-no-screaming-forever-in the car.

In other news, hubby's website launched to some genuine success. Its a skeptical-based initiative focusing on connecting like minded people with groups and other skeptic based folks in their area. Interested? Check out the site.

I'll be posting about what its like to be married to/raising a child with a skeptical partner. Don't get me wrong, I have my fair share of criticism for things like holistic medicine and the fundamental rhetoric, but I don't identify myself as "a skeptic". I'm Jewish. I like being Jewish and we're raising our daughter to be Jewish. The difference, at times, is frustrating, but we're makin' it work.

'Cause we're like that.


Gotta go-Em's frozen bagel is beginning to thaw and is no long acting as the stand-in teething ring/parent I need it to be.

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