Tuesday, August 25, 2009

No Naps! I Don't Need a Nap!

Why won't this child nap?

Is her blanket made of throwing stars?

There are no monsters under her bed or in her closet. I checked. I even said "Okay, I'm leaving the room now!" and made stomping noises, like I was going into the hallway. Not a one popped out. No monsters.

For the past three days Emery had decided that napping is for suckas.

I love my daughter, I think she's wonderful, and I want to just spend oodles of time with her but our carpet looks like our cats and dog exploded all over the place. Emery is afraid of the vacuum so I can only really run it when she's in her crib and sleeping.

If she doesn't sleep for more than fifteen minutes at a clip our family is going to be smothered in the rouge hairballs drifting at alarming speeds down our hallway.

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