Sunday, August 23, 2009

We Did Something Right This Morning

So we all got up when Emmy got up this morning (7:00...ish) and finally, finally, finally got ourselves together to go for a nice long walk. We got the dog on the leash, the baby in the stroller, the ipod all plugged in to the little adaptor thingy INSIDE the stroller ('cause that's classy and awesome), and off we went down the street and to the left, straight into the azalea garden section of Fairmount Park.

It was lovely.

And sweaty.

And interesting.

In our last neighborhood the people used to sit outside of their houses, pick each other's heads with their feet in kiddie pools, while their children ran up and down the sidewalk hitting the adults in back with wiffle ball bats. Every fourth of July weekend they used to have a "block party" which was code for setting up a giant beer pong table in the middle of the street and making you wish that you lived some place else.

In this current neighborhood we are in walking distance to like, half a dozen gazebos and our neighbors called me "Miss".

...except for the house across the street.

Let me explain the house across the street. I can do this in a single sentence. One sentence and you will know exactly what kind of neighbors I have.

They watch T.V. by turning the television around and setting their chairs outside.

Why? Why do this? It makes me so mad-its crazy times over there man. However, to be fair, they've stopped watching SO much T.V. outside, mostly because they've purchased the world's largest and rustiest air conditioner. It seems that it keeps their downstairs cool enough so that they can enjoy their never-ending marathon of SpongeBob Square Pants indoors.

Now if the eight hundred pound patriarch would just consider moving his free weights back into the living room and STOP pouring himself onto the pavement to do girly style push-ups, we might have the makings of an upper crusty street.

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