Thursday, August 20, 2009

No Toaster, No Coffee Maker, No Problem

So we don't have a toaster.

In our old house we had a toaster oven which was old and cruddy. We set it free in the woods when we moved. And when I say "the woods" I mean "the garbage can". Sometimes I like to think of it running around the dump with all the other crumb filled and rejected appliances. Maybe it met a blender and settled down...had little waffle makers or whatever toaster ovens and blenders make when they reproduce together.

Life without a toaster isn't all that bad. I don't have to make a little home for it on my counter and the Kitchen Aid is enjoying being an only child. It does, however, become a problem when I want toast. Now, if I want some toast I either have to pre-plan and fire up the oven, hold it over the open flame of the burner, or kinda fry it in butter. I find this last method works the best because then I don't have to butter my toast and this is nice because I hate trying to cold butter on bread.

I always break something.

I've also taken to using my french press instead of a coffee maker. I drink less coffee which is good because I'm breast feeding and Emmy already HATES napping. I don't need her buzzing around here like a hummingbird. Before I got pregnant, I had a pretty hardcore caffeine habit and its been quite something moving from a pot a day habit (not counting the venti black eye I got everyday from the Starbucks around corner from campus) to a cup and a half in the morning. I get so excited for my morning coffee, its like my own special little treat. I add more milk than I used to so that it lasts for longer.

Strangely enough though I'm still going through the same amount of coffee beans as I did when I was brewing big ol' pots.

...i think i'm doing something wrong.

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