Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Munchy Crunchy

So I think Emmy is having a love affair with food...and I'm concerned.

Why is it then when I read about babies with food issues its always about children pushing cereal out with their tongues and the worries about babies not getting enough calories as they reject strained carrots and peas.

Where is the article about the child with a crazed look in her eye as she screams, throwing spoons and attempting to launch herself from the highchair because her mashed avocados have run out.

I am thoroughly confuddled. If I gave Emery her heart's desire she'd eat EVERYTHING in INCREDIBLE amounths...except peas.

She hates peas, if I try to give her peas she refuses to let the spoon into her mouth.

But anything other than peas she gobbles up and when it runs out she cries for more.

Should I just keep shoveling the apples, pears, and couscous into her mouth until she grows to the size of a small horse? Don't little people have a shut off valve when they reach capacity? Is my daughter magic? Are all her other organs tiny to make room for an adult sized stomach?

Its weird to think you might not be feeding you child correctly. Its times like these that I feel like an idiot. I feel like barging into my mother's house with Emmy held in front of me and asking "How much do I put in this?".

Is there an over-eater's anonymous for babies?

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